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Drivers in the Schuck team

Drivers at Albert Schuck represent the most important part of our work. They ensure that the quality which we promise is strictly maintained and they are our company’s “business card”. This is why we support our drivers wherever we can – and we are happy to do so!

Our new drivers first receive our employment contract which we explain to everyone in detail. If there are any questions, we can answer these immediately. After the contract has been signed, the new employee is given a detailed briefing on load securing, the transport of hazardous goods and occupational safety (safety instructions).

The driver is then given the Driver Basics presentation and this is explained in detail. A printed copy is also always available for reference at all times. This includes all the important information on our operating procedures. This may be followed by procedural instructions which give the employee more specific training in his area of work.

We supply all our employees with the required company clothing. This includes the SCHUCK baseball cap and reflective safety jacket with hood which protects employees from the cold and rain. The employees are also given safety shoes and our SCHUCK driver box. This contains, for example, replacement lamps for lorry lighting, safety jackets for the summer, torch, hammer, hand brush, various screwdrivers, padlocks etc. Employees may order a maximum of two work trousers from us. These are then supplied complete with our company logo, free of charge.

As you can see, we invest a great deal in our drivers but this is by far not all! We also always want to ensure that our production machines, the HGVs, also meet the demands of our employees. For this reason we always replace our HGVs after about three years with a new vehicle – regardless of how many kilometres are on the clock.

“Knowledge is power!” True to this motto, our own training centre, run by an external company, ensures that all our drivers are always up to date on training and expertise. Loading safety and ADR trainings are regularly given and the most important module trainings offered – and we are happy to pay for our employees’ training.

We pay strict attention to ensuring that driving and rest times are followed and that wages are always paid on time!

Last, but not least, our drivers are never on their own! As an established part of the SCHUCK team, there are hotlines available to them 25 hours a day, 365 days a year, which are divided between dispatch and fleet management. Our excellent fleet management also ensures that help is always on its way quickly if there are problems on the road.

The fact that we have many employees who have worked for us for more than ten years already shows that we are on the right track. The continual further development of our systems is a fixed component of our quality management system.

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