National transport

On a national scale, we operate our own regular services transporting part and complete loads on a neutral basis to South, West and North Germany, We cover the following on a daily basis:


  • We offer complete load transport throughout Germany.
  • Short distance services are also possible in consultation with our dispatch department.

International transport

To meet the daily increasing demands in the international transport business, we operate our own networks in Europe. These networks are controlled by our system transport development and go through sustainable on-going development.
One of the great advantages is that our system can also be used as short term storage space. This benefits our customers in the long term.


SCHUCK SYSTEM TRANSPORTS – a system that works!


Key countries:

  • England
  • France
  • Denmark
  • Benelux
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We take good care of your goods.

Our transport logistics department combines storing and picking the goods with the transport service provided by our fleet. As our customers, you will see real added value here. We offer many years of experience and comprehensive expertise in this field, for highly professional handling of this process. As how we can help you.

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Waste management

Waste management is a matter for professionals

Waste management is more than just refuse disposal! Today it is possible to recycle a great deal of waste and return it to the economic cycle. Waste hierarchy plays a great role here. That means:


  • Prevention
  • Preparation for re-use
  • Recycling
  • Other types of re-use
  • Disposal


No matter which level of the hierarchy is involved, this is always waste transport. As such, it is subject to stringent management under the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act.

Strict requirements such as the on-going burden of proof at all interfaces make this a demanding task. This applies all the more when transporting dangerous waste. An electronic burden of proof is required here. This kind of task is best left to the professionals. Schuck is a professional in this field and undertakes to do everything that’s needed to take this burden off our customers’ backs!


As a licensed waste management specialist pursuant to § 52 Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act, we are entitled to proceed with the collection and transport of waste according to all AVV numbers.

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Air freight road feeder service

From the air onto the road and straight to the destination

Every day, our normal swap body and roller bed platform vehicles are out on the roads between Munich and Frankfurt airports.


  • If necessary we also operate trailers and articulated trucks on this service.
  • We have no problems with collections from “secure senders”.
  • Our drivers hold the certificate of reliability pursuant to § 7 Aviation Security Act and have received training according to
  • We are approved operators of secure airfreight/ mail. We are registered with the LBA under number DE/H/00107-01.
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